Monday, December 21, 2009

The Kiddos Hebron Christmas Program...Too Cute!

That's James on the far left - yes, in a snowflake outfit. He does a nice little "spirit fingers" bit at the end of his song. Look for Sydney sitting down and waving her arms to the right - and covering her ears when the crowd cheers too loud! "Oops, am I supposed to get off the stage now?" Ani's cowgirl song is next, with her consistently pushing her cowboy hat back into place :)


Kara said...

Amen to the too cute! It is so fun to see your kids in motion - personalities abound. Post one of Jovie next time - she was only a few months old last time we all saw her! Love you guys. My card is coming (sending them all today - Groff-style: late!)

Julie Frizzell said...

SOOOOO cute! We'd love to see more little video snipits anytime! It's fun to see what the kids are up to at school, etc.

We're still anticipating all of the video footage Dad took there...can't wait to see all of that!

Love you...

DeconstructingFilm said...

Thanks for sharing. Just makes me smile from beginning to end!

Tom said...

That was excellent! Kid shows are so much more fun to attend/watch than the polished adult performances. It was good to see James and Ani "live"!

PS - I number of people we met with mentioned the Hebron School for one reasons or another when we were in Delhi.

Have a GREAT Christmas!

Christine said...

That is absolutely priceless! We watched it twice. Merry Christmas!