Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ode to the Massive Rubbish Bin

A pictorial overview of our last three weeks

Jayson commutes a few days a week on his bike.

I think that is an IKEA cardboard sled, in our backyard

It would be a move-in without a bath in something other than a bathtub

Jovie, exactly three years ago, India move-in

Move-in day

Move-in night

Move-in night

Move-in day

Tra-la-la Christmas

Jayson's grandpa and Syd

Christmas Eve in Rockford, IL

Road trip! Doesn't get better than this

Or this

Goodbye Schoolcraft (Bemidji)

The bus stop.  Whew, the bus stop.  My kids’ school bus stop. I liken it to any sort of plane or train travel.  Our family is a bit notorious for mad dashes and dramatic, near misses of the plane/train/bus.  And our wee school bus stop is more of the same.  It’s about a block and a half away from our house. And it seems like every morning, as we really do have quite a bit of time to get our morning chores done, there is a frantic coats/boots/gloves/hat/backpack/lunchbox (and now ice skates, for recess) in the short minutes before the bus comes.  And all the while I ride that fine line between firm encouragement and all out shouting.  But here we are, in our new house, our new neighborhood, our new school...doing life our normal way...making it to the bus...barely.  It’s good that we carry home wherever we go.
So, the last three weeks have been filled with: Christmas near Chicago, packing up in Bemidji, and unpacking in Minneapolis. I kind of don’t want to give nitty gritty details of all the wiggles and woots that transpired.  But I will say that we have felt the love all around.  I am grateful for all the hands that participated in our last three weeks. I guess it’s really four weeks, I’m a little bit in the twilight zone when it comes to time these days.
I honestly think that’s all the things that I have to share.  Not much I know, but I am not quite sure where to start.  So, this tie I gave you the bus stop, maybe next time will be about our newly painted laundry room floor.  Who knows.  Surprises await you.
An ode to the massive move-in rubbish bin.
Oh, how I really, really liked you
      Oh, how I only needed to take you out weekly
Oh, how you took in... everything, without complaint
      Cardboard, Painting Supplies, Pizza boxes, Bubble wrap, Yucky old stuff.
            You just stood there.  Always.  Forever.  I will miss you