Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun (with Cardboard)

It's a ramp, for Hot Wheels cars. Fun, huh?


Anonymous said...

reminds me of one summer the reign staff kids took all the food packing boxes and built a huge house with rooms inside ~ kept them busy for a whole week. love creative kids. your new family picture is so adorable! check out jenny's facebook - she just returned from a visit to training camp - lots of fun pictures. praying for you today.

Melia said...

I love this one :). Like Glenda, I remember the kids doing that as well. I think kids play better with items that are not meant to be toys :). I was on the hayfield this weekend, and the echoes of your presence are still there. They are soldiering on in heat and humidity that is legendary right now, and probably what you are experiencing every day. I continue to stay connected through your wonderful blogs and love having a window into your life there. Thank you! Praying for you!