Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aerial Shot of Ooty (on Google Maps)

This is Ooty. If you click around in this map, you'll find a little yellow house icon (that's our house), a little green school icon (that's Hebron School), and a little blue flag icon (that's the Freedom Firm office). (Actually, try clicking "Ooty, India in a larger map", that works a bit better.)

If you click "Satellite" and zoom in, you can actually see our house, the school, and the office.

Look close enough and you might even see us walking on the street.

View Ooty, India in a larger map


Marc Shapiro said...

We have a similar picture of Hannah when she was two, and was asked how old she was. She was somehow able to hold her pinky down with her thumb, so she is holding up three fingers in the picture.

I guess they always want to be a year older. When they get to be my age, they'll want that year back.


Ridhus said...
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Ridhus said...


I found your blog while searching for blogs on Ooty. I enjoyed reading your blog, it brought back some old memories from when I stayed in Ooty.

There are still a lot of places in Ooty which are very much untouched. Here are some places that I feel are worth visiting

Mukurthi - It is about 30km from Ooty and you might require prior permission from the forest department. Here are some picture I found on the web of mukurthi




The Nilgiri library in Ooty - here is an article on it:


If you go there do read this book - http://www.amazon.com/Ooty-Preserved-Victorian-Station-India/dp/0374226601

The home made chocolates in ooty are pretty good. Kingstar - opposite Higginbothoms sells good ones.

Lawrence School in Lovedale- has some good colonial architecture buildings - http://www.lovedale.org/

The next time you make a trip to Mettupalayam try the Kothagiri road. It is slightly longer, but far more scenic than the other road. Also, try a trip on the Nilgiri Mountain railway.

See if you can take a trip to the Mudulmalai wildlife sanctuary. The elephant camp there is a great place to visit.

If I remember more places, I will post them on your blog. Have a great time.

ps: Sorry I deletet the last comment because the hyper links were not working