Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pictures of Ani at Her Birthday

Ani and James on their first day of school.

Ani in her Indian dress...very proud.

Ani climbing a (very large) tree at the Botanical Garden


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to see pictures of your family. We're grateful for God's call on your life. Thanks for the emails. We're praying for you.

Blessings, Bob and Nancy Jonsson

Jenny said...

I'm loving reading your updates and seeing pictures...I feel more caught up then we've been in awhile. :) Miss you all and pray for you often. Happy birthday to Ani!
~Jenny Childers

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys - Love reading your updates and being caught up with the family. It totally brings me back to some of our first few months here in Oz. Hang in there and you'll grow to love the place more and more. (BTW I can't tell you how many batches of dough for various things I've thrown out over the years. The flour is different to US flour, more baking soda added or something, so it makes things tricky.) Anyway, just wanted to say we're praying for you guys! If you ever need some R&R in Australia, just let us know - it's really not that far! I do believe there are daily direct flights btwn the two countries. There are heaps of Indians here, so never lacking on curries, if you're in need. Take care and we look forward to the next entry. Andy, Tennille & Callan

Sarah said...

hey tarrah and jayson.

wish we could have been there for some "pass the present."

missing you guys.

sarah wolfe