Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's the Bulls I Don't Like

Well, the time has come folks, for a very momentous occasion for me and a few other family members... the first intestinal issues. I know it may not be proper of me to share this with you all, but a number of you asked if belly ick (or “Dehli Belly,” as my father calls it) was going to be an issue. But two nights ago and than on and off for the the last two days, its been an issue. Let me say this, that we are being quite cautionary in our eating habits to avoid the ick – brushing teeth w/ bottled water (for at least 6 months), only drinking bottled water, eating at restaurants that have been ok'd by other ex patriots, making sure our meat is very well done- but that greenish looking curry that I ate the other day, I think that did it...moving right along.

The kids started school today. They were very excited; I was curious to see what their day was going to be like. Well, the verdict is in. They both had a fabulous time. James was dirty from head to toe (which is one of his love languages) and cried when we had to leave. Ani announced that everybody at school loves her and couldn't wait to talk to her (don't we all wish for her level of confidence). I do thank everybody that prayed for them. I was sure James would love it, but Ani is a bit of a nervous girt and unsure of herself at times, but she obviously did famously. (If you are interested in checking out the school it is called Hebron School in Ootacamund, India.)

So far, my mom has taught the aftercare girls manicures (Wednesday) and pedicures (Thursday). My mom heard today that after her three hour training session, the girls stayed up until 10:30 last night practicing on each fun. Again, the hope is that they will be able to use these skills for building confidence and for future income. Mom teaches once more tomorrow and then on Saturday is the guest speaker to a community-wide event focused on how to keep hair, nail and skin healthy. Way to go, mom!

I want to talk to you about a very perplexing subject right now that I can't quite figure out why it is not cooking. I will say this upfront - I love cooking, but I have a lot to learn. I love cooking from scratch, love trying new recipes, don't mind going to the market daily if need be. So I thought the transition to cooking in India would be quite smooth. But again, last night, total flop. Everything I cook turns to, umm, total yuck. Last night I cooked chicken and dumplings. I was so looking forward to it. Our friend at church, Laurie Creek, made us chicken and dumplings when we had Jovie and it was sooo good. I had that thought/taste in my head all day and when I bit into the first dumpling, instead of tears of joy, I had tears of sadness. So, if you have any thoughts, please let me know. I am a bit discouraged about the whole thing.

Today we had six horses in our yard – that's a new reality for us. If we are diligent to shutting our gate (which is much easier said than done, believe me), the animals stay out. Actually, I can handle the's the bulls I don't like. As far as bulls go, I guess these are friendly. But I can't help but think about the childhood stories that my mom and dad told me about them (both) being chased by a bull. And I think, maybe its a family thing...but I don't want to find out.

I am feeling a bit more emotionally healthy these days, although I know I still have a lot to process. I know I need to walk through more grieving of the loss of family, friends and the places that I loved. I still need to try to figure out how to carry the burden of how this move affects our family. There has been a bit of confidence and independence that has been momentarily lost, which I hope to find again.

There is more, but that is enough for now. Thanks for spending some time with us today.

Again, if you have seen our internet, stove or vehicle, let us know...

Peace to you.
Tarrah for the Palm family


andrew j. ulasich said...

i say, go all out with the stomache problems. i do. not sure how people feel about it. but it is definitely less exciting to blog about the 8th time it happens. :)

Dad said...

Tarrah...I think the dumplings need more've had her long enough...send my wife home.
(without the scurge)

Sarah said...

you are a very clever writer... and oh how i miss the "in person" laughs too. can't wait for skype (sp?). we are all set up and ready to go when you get your internet!

Angie Pease said...

I hear your heart--your mother's heart and daughter (of Jehovah's) heart, when you talk of grieving and concerns of the impact.

There is no quick or easy fix there. Having said that, can I give a shot at comfort?

I know you both well enough to know the decision to follow Christ there was not light. Rest in the decision-making you did together to go to India. Was it impulsive or self-driven?

Once you find some comfort in the confidence you had, remind yourself as often as you need to--"don't even ask yourself if you're settled for 2 years..." It will take at least that long to give an 'educated' answer!

Until then, do what you know in the midst of so much you don't know... just my two cents for a family that is worth more than 700 Billion bucks!

juliedowns said...

Tarrah- I love to cook also. This is my recipe... Not sure what you have for ingrediants... 1 1/2 c. flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 3/4 tsp. salt, 3T oil, 3/4c. milk. Mix all ingrediants together and drop by teaspoons into soup. Cook UNCOVERED 10 mn. and cook COVERED 10 mn. They are great! Love, Julie

dawnette said...

Oh. I have a bull story too. It laid latent until I read this blog. I feel ya, sister!
Wish I had any ideas for you where cooking is concerned. I would guess it has a lot to do with altitude too. Do you have friends in Colorado who could offer that kind of insight?
Am just now catching up with your blog, and excited to be a fan!
Praying with and for you often. And I'm up for you sharing your stomach ick blogs any day! You know the nepal history there! :)
love you guys - d

Lorraine (65th Ave) said...

Hi Palms, it's Lorraine from 65th Avenue. God bless you all! I can only imagine how difficult it all is. I used to asked missionaries at home, why they would give up their "lives" in the U.S. for...? But we know the answer. ; - ) Love the photos; especially the one of the kids in the tub. I would give Renee a bath in a storage bin (in the bath tube) so she could see how I got clean as a kid. And she loved it!!!! Isn't it amazing how resilient kids are? I am praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

what about Ina? She has a great chicken and dumplings recipe. but maybe it is the altitude? water? hmmm... you'll get it- keep trying! i love the humor and raw honesty - so you. Your kids are rich with experiences and stories to tell already! Their smiles are a blessing! Love you guys.

Ron and Pat Oldham said...

Re: dumplings. You know you may have opened the floodgate for comment. Did you take the baking powder with you or buy it there? It can get old and won't work very well. If you bought it there, was it already old? Do you have access to a pretty good supply of ingredients in stores? Even things like flour may be different so were you using the same ingredients that the friend was? I actually have a recipe for Baking Powder itself from our old independent lifestyle days if you need it. Good luck.