Friday, January 30, 2009

Week Number Two

Our second week, hmm, what does two weeks in India feel like? Well, to be honest, the days feel a bit different here. In the States, most days whipped by and I could hardly believe as I was crawling into bed that another day just passed. Here, its a bit different. Now, the days feel really long. A bit more tiring and at times my day gets a bit hijacked.

Like yesterday for instance. So, let me be real upfront about something...we have a housekeeper. Its kind of like a dream come true, but at the very same time I am almost embarrassed about the whole ordeal. Its expected that if an ex patriot moves here for any amount of time, they are to give somebody a job. A full-time housekeeper is paid about $1 USD a day. Anyway, if you would like to dialogue about it, I would love your thoughts. But on a very practical level, it helps a ton. But back to the hijacking – yesterday I asked our housekeeper, Josephine, to take out the garbage (there is no curbside garbage removal here, there are dumpsters all around town and I am not quite sure if they actually take the garbage away or if there merely light a match and watch it burn). And long story short, she ended up roping in two friends to help which after the fact asked to be paid, which I wasn't ready for, which led to a conversation with them and someone from Freedom Firm about it all - and when it was all said and done, an hour of my day had been spent on bringing out the garbage.

So there you go, a small example, but very real, especially as we are learning about the ebb and flow of life here. I/we are starting to get to know a people that I bet are going to be a part of our day-to-day here. I have been going to the local Jazzercise. It was started to connect Indian women, Freedom Firm aftercare girls and Hebron (Christian School in town) gals. Its a bit bizarre to be doing doing step aerobics next someone wearing a Sari. I love it! I look around the room and I see two young girls that were rescued about a year ago from a brothel, the local pediatrians wife, two women who helped start the (only) pizza place in town, three teachers from Hebron and the counselor from Freedom Firm. Its both beautiful and a workout that kicks my butt at 7,000 ft. elevation.

My mom is in town. So great. If you know my mom, it makes sense that by day two she has already done three loads of laundry, bleached my kitchen, started bleaching the bathroom, made a number of meals and made many a craft with the kids. My mom brought over a suitcase full of equipment to teach Freedom Firm gals how to do simple layer haircuts, manicures, pedicures and facials. The goal is for the girls to be able to do a skill that is applicable when it is time for them to leave the aftercare home. She starts Monday and will be with them about three hours every day for the whole week. I am really proud of her and excited to see a very practical skill that she has been using her whole adult life given as a gift to girls who desperately seek a way to earn a living and build confidence.

I am still looking for my stove and internet. If you see them, let me know.

Grace and Peace to you...
Tarrah (for the rest of the Palms)


Julie Frizzell said...

i just love you to pieces, tarrah. thanks for being yourself on this site. so, you get to shower, right? =) chat with you, jules

Sandi Asker said...

we are proud of you and hope to start supporting you guys soon. we are doing an outreach based on informing the campus about human sex trafficking here in the US.
glad Linda is there - she is amazing and her work there sounds so like her. she brought me meals every Monday after my c-section with Calista.

mel said...

hi t.
how fantastic...your mom being in town and being such a help to you and to the girls! beautiful...
i love love love the photo of the kids in the tub. thats my family!
glad to hear you and j are feeling better. praying for continued health over you and the rest of your household...

Marsha said...

Fun to read your latest update. I love your frank way of writing. You are so delightful. What an amazing gift to have your mom there. And then for her to be able to do something so practical not only for your family, but for the Lord. Very cool. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. You are in my prayers.

Jennifer Swanson said...

Way to go, Mom, for making her visit into a bigger mission...maybe I can come over and be a customer? Sigh, if only...sometime when baby K is a little older. Love you guys, thanks for the updates. Hi to your kiddos from ours.

Aunt Sue said...

Hi Tarrah,
I'm not sure about the dumplings. It could be the salt, as your so wise Father said, or it could be the chicken. Did you find it in your yard?
Hang in there. We are praying and thinking for all of you.
You should write a book!