Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's begin the blog

Welcome to our blog. Also, welcome to our world in India. We hope to communicate enough of our life and work with Freedom Firm that our friends and family can get a feel of what our “new normal” is like.

So, here is a new normal, today we experienced our first 4 hour power outage and this evening we have no cell or land phone. That's weird. Why does this happen? No blizzard, ice or thunderstorm, just 70 degrees and blue skies. What do you do? Just keep on doing life I guess.

On to more meaty areas of our life. We had a great trip over, thanks to David Landt, our dear friend. (I do need to give a shout out to his wife and also dear friend, Sarah, for hanging out at home with their four kids while he is being our sherpa.) And we also are indebted to Northwest Airlines for their amazing personal TV's and great kid selection of movies and Nick Jr shows.

We arrived in Ooty, India, on Friday, January 15th, and was greeted by Glen and Bec Parks (and kids). There are on staff with Freedom Firm and have been in Ooty for roughly 2 ½ years. Glen is one of the lawyers with FF and Bec pretty much knows everybody in Ooty and also has found great joy in starting a women's center in Ooty. Without them, we would still be, well, umm, rolled up in the fetal position...

Our first week has been, well, so many things. But most importantly we see God's hand of protection and comfort while being here. We have fairly quickly brought our house in working order. We almost have a full working kitchen (stove will be here, hopefully, 10 days), our bags are unpacked, we have had 2 families over for dinner and we have done laundry. We still trying to figure out how to keep this house a bit warmer (no heating, but we are using a combination of wood burning fireplace, hot water bottles, two space heaters, warm pj's and down comforters). We are sleeping quite well. Except James tonight is coughing a bunch, maybe he is having a bit of a reaction to the Eucalyptus leaves that we are burning as kindling.

The kids are doing good. I don't think they quite understand the reality of how far we live from you all. We were out at the Botanical Gardens today and we probably had 30 people ask to take the kids pictures. Literally grabbing Sydney and wanting to take pictures together as if it is their niece. After a bit, we just said no pictures please. Quite strange. But other than that they have really enjoyed getting to see their new school and meet a few people that will be in their classes. They are enjoying their new house and new rooms. They also think its pretty fun piling into an auto (a rickshaw) to get anywhere.

Jayson is going to start work part time next week. Which will be good as he starts to wrap his head around all that needs to be done. My mom comes in on Wednesday this week, which will be so good. She's quite the courageous traveler... I have started to pray for a bit of an idea where I am to serve this next season of our life. I ask that you pray with me in this, and also to pray for continued community. We are definitely feeling the loss of that right now.

I think I have said enough for now. Maybe in upcoming posts I will share specifics on our daily activities, big to small. From transportation, to drinking water or how I buy our meat.... so exciting, I know you can all barely handle to wait :) Soon there will be great stories about what is happening in Freedom Firm, but for this week, its all about setting up camp.
Much love, Tarrah and crew


krista besser said...

jayson and tarrah- i was actually just going to send you an email! thanks for the update...and i will send that email soon. you are all in my thoughts and prayers, and i am glad the first leg of your journey went smoothly!

Rich said...

We are so glad the travels went well! Praying for you all as you transition on this great adventure!


Rich & Nicole

mel said...

i continue praying daily...SO good to 'hear' a bit into your days :) love you all so much, am so thankful for bec and the beginning of new friendships, and will be praying for opportunities to get involved and serve within your community as you continue to connect and learn about this new place called 'home'.
love love love to you all!

Marsha said...

I love your blog. Thanks for setting up a means of communication. I will read it faithfully and pray for the requests you post there. You guys are wonderful! Glad all is well so far. I'll look forward to hearing more - even about how you buy meat! :)

Julie Frizzell said...

thanks for taking time to update us, tarrah...i know you have your hands full! it's great to have specifics to be praying for. love you so much...jules

Matt Durbin said...

Congratulations on completing the first leg of what is sure to be a very exciting and rewarding journey! I'm simply in awe of the courage and commitment you all have toward making the world a better place, and am profoundly humbled to even know you.

I wish you all nothing but the very best, and will look forward to seeing pictures and reading updates here as they come.

Good luck!

Kristen Lundgren said...

Hi Palms!!!
I am so glad to hear you are settling in to do God's work. What a awesome family you are....truly God's servants.

I cannot believe you have to rough it so....when we sitting here at home have all the luxuries that one could imagine. It's almost embarrassing!!! I hadn't heard anyone say Hot Water Bottles in 20 years!! You are certainly going to be rewarded for your unselfish works. Sounds like you are already experiencing some rewards. Having time to be with family is the greatest gift.

We miss you....
Your friend in Christ,

Kristen Lundgren, your friendly printing sales rep.

Tami said...

Hi Jayson and Tarrah!

Will you please add me to your updates? Jason and I would love to hear your tales, and be able to serve with you in prayer! I think of you every time I see Jason's India book and photo in our bedroom. So glad to hear that the journey went well. Especially like the photo of you all in the taxi. Blessings to you and your family!!

Tami Van de Loo

Julie Johnson said...

Dear Palm Six,
Thank you for including us in your blog! What an adventure you are taking with our Lord. It was so fun reading about your daily real life. Lowell and I continue to pray for you and appreciate the updates. You certainly will make a difference.
Julie Johnson

Kevin said...

Hey guys! So glad you are there and getting set up! You've been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. Yes, India is a strange you get a kick out of the head bob thing? :) You guys are going to do great. Remember that "His divine power has given you EVERYTHING you need for LIFE and godliness..." 2Peter 1:3

Love you!
Marla for the Rusacks

Anonymous said...

Wow! My family is sending so much love to yours right now. Please let us know how we can help - even if it is just a silly story about how bad the chai is now that you're gone, that the record cold is causing all of us great pain or that the sun hasn't shined in days. Seriously...we're here for support as you settle in and to cheer you on in your daily adventures.

Lot's of love,

Dori, Pete, and Lula Sands

Penny Nemgar said...

It was wonderful to see your blog. I look forward to following your journey! I'm praying for safe travel for your mom Tarrah, and that it will be a time of rich blessings as she spends time with you! Talked to your dad this week and heard about the monkeys! What an adventure...know there are many of us back home lifting you in prayer.
Penny Nemgar

Julie said...

Hi Tarrah and family- I talked with your dad to see if your mom made it over there ok. Glad to hear that she did. Thinking of you often! Hope things are going well for all of you. Keep in touch! I LOVE the blog! I've shared it with some of the sisters. Love, Julie and family

juliedowns said...

Was just checking to see if there was an update, and there was! What a WONDERFUL picture of the kids in the tub, especially, Ani! Tell your Mom good luck tomorrow as she teaches the girls the abc's of hair! If they are 1/2 as successful as your Mom has been with it, what a true blessing this will be for them! I look forward to the new updates and pictures! Keep in touch. Love, Julie and family

juliedowns said...

Tarrah and family-
How was the first day of class for Linda? Hope things went well. When does Ani start school? How does she get to school? By scooter or what? Keep in touch! Love, Julie @ family

juliedowns said...

Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

Jayson and Tarrah,
I am in Chicago visiting the girls and they told me about your blog (more importantly - how to access your blog). Wow, what a fantastic read - I look forward to every entry! I keep having flashbacks of our family moving to Viet Nam in 1965. We were a little older (I was in 6th grade.)Even learning to brush teeth with bottled water etc. I am so excited for your family and pray often for you!
Keep on keeping on! My parents life verse is I Thess. 5:24"Faithful is He who calls you - who also will do it." I imagine there might be a few times when that verse will be an encouragement. Tarrah, I am SO proud of you! Fondly, Glenda