Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anyone Want to Go Bowling?

I just ironed for the first time in about three years.  Not really surprising, I probably ironed about once a year before moving to India.  But five minutes ago was the first in a long time.  I like ironing trousers way better than shirts.  So many different bits to the shirt.  The reason for this momentous occasion is that my dear husband Jayson was given a job.  (I shamelessly admit that I asked my mom to iron his clothes the first few weeks on the job.  I know, I know, what to do though.)  His first day was two weeks ago Monday. He is the associate director of ICA Food Shelf.  It serves seven different communities outside of Minneapolis. He has loved his last two weeks and we both feel really grateful.  The food shelf is a stone’s throw away from our church, which is an added bonus. 

We’ve said since the beginning of summer, that when dad gets a job, we’ll take the kids bowling to celebrate.  They’ve never been.  So, when the job came, we picked them up from school and slyly asked, “Does anyone want to go bowling?” In about two nanoseconds they all asked, “Did dad get a job?”  It was great to celebrate with them.  This season since coming back from India has been so much about the six of us walking this road together.  Not just Jayson…not just Jayson and I…but all six of us.

So, this past week, Jovie and I drove down to Minneapolis for a bit of a house looking trip.  We did come across one that we thought would be good fit for our family, we came to an agreement with the seller and the inspection is tomorrow. Whoop-whoop. We shall see if they find any trolls in the attic… if there are no trolls, we close on December 30. 

Jayson and I were talking two nights ago that the feeling that settles the most in us is gladness.  Happy doesn’t really cut it, and excitement sounds tiring. It has taken me a while to get my head around everything that I have felt and continue to feel.  It has taken me a while to call and email our friends and family about our turn of events.  It takes me a while to put my feelings into words right now.  To say that I have been sitting with this would be a good description.  We are nothing short of thankful and ready.


Sarah said...

Thank you, Lord! I'm calling you soon :)


Praying with you in this transition.


mel said...

i love the way you all celebrate! groupons, bowling...i simply love it!
hope you all had a wonderful weekend away together :)
can't wait to see you for christmas!!

mel said...

oh yea, the troll comments. i mean, really?! i was beside myself. the outloud laughter stuff. thats my favorite. thanks for the laughs.