Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Week Has Arrived

Jovie's first day of ECFE with mommy
A gorgeous view of Lake Bemidji
Weekend chores - sweeping pine needles off the roof 
I was asking the kids tonight at dinner, which I lovingly prepared, what was the most surprising moment of their day.  Very quickly James fires off, “The most surprising moment of my day is that this dinner actually tasted good.”  Well, I asked didn’t I? What was the most surprising moment of your day?
The most frequented place I go these days is the grocery store.  The second is the dentist.  They just love my teeth so much that they cannot get enough of them.  Or... I had three cavities and a wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled.  You choose the correct answer.  Anyway, I was sitting in the dentist’s chair last Wednesday and I was letting him know to be careful of my canker sore that is the size of Detroit.  And as he saw it he asked, “Are you stressed out or something?”  And I awkwardly said, as his hands were in my mouth, “Well, my dad had a stroke a few days back, my husband’s been out of town working hard to find a job, and my daughter is going to have her tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow...”  I really didn’t mean to say it all, but I just did.  I felt like my canker sore deserved a minor applause.  So, it’s been a bit of a 10 days.  But it’s Monday.  A new day.  A new week has arrived and I say, Go Team!  

Sydney and I had quite the fun night in the hospital sharing the bed
So, backing up a bit, my poor dad had a stroke.  I will not give a doctor’s report, but he is rapidly improving and will be back to his normal, foxy self in no time.  But while walking alongside his trauma and my parent’s stress of his unknown health issues, I was pretty grateful to be around, to be able to hear real-time updates, to run and get him that sandwich he was craving, to be able to intercept all the phone calls of people wanting to know the latest, to be told a number of times by family and friends “if there is anything we can do, just ask”, to bring his four grandkids in a couple times to let them ask a 101 questions about the hospital room, and then to celebrate when he was able to to come home from the hospital.  I say, Go Dad!



I am glad it is a new week. . . but I am praying for all the bits and pieces from last week. Wow. Sorry to hear about your dad and praying for a full recovering. And the dentist . . .bummer. Been there too much myself.

Miss you guys.


christy said...

1. So sorry about your dad & all the craziness!

2. I had the same 20 visits to the dentist right before I left for England. Charming.

3. I just got the book "Home Keeps Moving" written by a TCK (Heidi Sand-Hart) -- I was just browsing through it today & saw that she went to the same school in India that your kids did! Crazy.

Sarah said...

Loved reading this and also loved that I was fairly up to date with you... Love you friend! Keep the blog posts coming. Love them.