Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dipping Chapati into Ketchup

I had to put some kind of picture in the blog. This is what you get.

I am eating frozen blueberries.  They are my favorite evening treat during the summer.  Take a fresh pint of blueberries, wash, freeze on a cookie sheet and then toss into a Zippie in the freezer.  My mom does it for me.  She’s a gem.  I do love the perks of living with my folks.  Another perk is that Jayson and I are able to go for a run in the morning together whilst the children are snoozing and my mom is getting ready for work.  Together.  Did you hear that?  Glorious.  
I am not sure if you recall my blog about the Wolfe boys... our friends Sarah and Chris, who live in Texas, have five boys, all around our kid’s ages.  Well, Sarah flew me down there to spend time together (and fabulous it was) and then for me to also help fly her oldest back to Minneapolis to spend a bit more time with his grandparents... Anyway, I had this squirrelly idea to bring James with me.  Previously, James had been feeling restless with his three sisters and no friends around, so what better therapy than to bring him to destination Camp Wolfe in Texas with me?  And he had the time of his life.  All boys, all the time.  We swam, we watched baseball, we played Legos, we watched Cars 2, we went to Sonic, we stayed up late.  It was such a pleasure to see James totally able to let loose and have fun.  
Bemidji.  My parent’s house.  This time.... for me, has high monastic-like qualities. I do say that with a smile on my face, knowing that I have four young kids around.  But I cannot tell you how true it is.  Monastic in the sense of quietude and simplicity. It’s the way I know how to heal right now.  My reading companions currently are really quite thoughtful and solitary as well.  I just finished the Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography.  I cried at the end.  Even though it is a whopper of book, it’s a really great read.   
The Palm Six are okay. I feel like on any given today we are so grateful to be at my parent’s house.  The enjoyment and freedom of playing, in an uninterrupted schedule.  Today, Jovie did not want the grilled cheese I was making for lunch, so I gave her some curry and chapati (Indian flat bread).  She didn’t want the curry, but asked for ketchup instead.  So, merry on she went dipping her chapati into ketchup.  That’s us.  Leaving a tremendous amount of space for things that don’t make sense.   And trying not to take ourselves too seriously.
Jayson is a total rock star in looking for a job.  I am so proud of him.  Tomorrow he drives down to Minneapolis for a handful of interviews and a dozen networking meetings.  
Enough about him.  I am not altogether sure what to with my blog.  To write or not to write is the question.  I am so heady right now.  I don’t really have any bizarre stories, and I don’t even have a camera to take shots of the kids doing what we do here...  I don’t know people.  What’s that phrase, the jury is still out on the verdict.  Is that right?  Oh well, would love to hear from you about what I should do about the blog.  Let the people speak. 


Lindsay Casten said...

I hope you continue to write! You have such wonderful style and I love hearing about you and the rest of the family :)

Sarah said...

I love the blog. I want it to stay the same. Palm updates. Tarrah humor.

Lara & Jonathan said...

You must keep writing! You definitely have a gift.


I vote blog. Please, please, please.

Joe & Peggy Martin said...

Ditto to all of the above! Keep writing!! You have encouraged me more than you know. Your obedience on this faith journey spurs me on in my walk with the Lord. God bless you. Praying for you.

Wendy said...

Tarrah, I love hearing about your life, your kids lives, and your transition. Phillip and I went back to the US for the first time after a year in Rwanda, and I felt all disjunct. Its interesting to here about how other people process cultural transition. It helps me process mine. Your honesty helps me stay honest.

Anonymous said...

I also check to see if there are any Palm udates. Of course I could pick up the phone and call.
I think you should have your Dad put his perspective on "having Tarrah home" in your blog next time.
Aunt Sue

mel said...

well, i'd say the verdict is out. keep writing. its an absolute delight to read about your process. i think i even said, outloud while in my office (by myself) "oh, yes!" when i saw my email affirming there is another palm 6 entry. i don't mean to be overly dramatic here, but its true. i really got excited to read your thoughts on the latest...take a break if you feel you want or need to :) of course! but i still enjoy the updates if you're up for the writing!

christy said...

Keep writing!
Pretty please.

Jada said...

I vote to keep it up if you can. Great stuff. You have a following!

Anonymous said...

first: i LOVE the use of the word: "zippie". spoken like a true Royal Servant! :)
second: yes please, keep blogging. third: where are you guys right now exactly? cause the Carpenter foursome is in Minneapolis...we'd love to see you guys if at all possible!
love from Olivia.

Anonymous said...

Do you enjoy writing on here? If yes, then keep on keepin on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, do keep writing. You and family live such an honest, interesting life. Love watching the kids grow and change too. God Bless and Guide You. Nancy