Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy British Mother’s Day

Syd's class assembly, about plants.

Monkey sighting, outside our back door, 20 feet away

Three things.  First, Happy British Mother’s Day.  I did receive a painted pot from Sydney and a nice picture from James.  I love that I will be able to celebrate twice.  If you know any British women, make sure you wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.  Second, let’s give it up for India winning the Cricket World Cup.  The World Cup takes place every four years and as Jayson was watching the game via the internet last night, the moment they won we heard a massive amount of fireworks.  Now, a lot of people do not understand cricket, myself being one, but Jayson is a bit hooked currently.  When we get back to the States he is going to start the rally cry to start a U.S. team.  Let’s see how that goes for him... Lastly, my third child, second girl, princess extraordinaire, called me a “Noodle Crack-Head” at dinner tonight.  On British Mother’s Day, of all days.  Sheesh.  Give a girl a crown and she throws it back in your face.  

Well people, our camera broke.  So we took out the back-up camera that we had given to Ani.  That’s broken too.  For the last week, if we need any pictures taken, we ask whomever around us to take a picture of said object/person and email it to us.  Seems a bit high maintenance.  We can’t solve the camera issue until we are back in the States though, so we may be a little lacking in the pics arena from here on out.  Maybe I will have Jayson draw pictures instead.  Like the good ol’ days. 

I am “trying” to help Jayson with the job search by spending a bit of time looking at about 20 designated websites every other day.  And I must say I am getting so good at it.  When he lands a job, I will take all the credit.  Just kidding - kind of.  My “helping” did start out a bit rocky though.  Making comments like, “There is no one in the whole entire world that would match the criteria of this job description” or “This company is so elitist, why would anyone ever want to work for them?” or my personal, all time low, “Searching for jobs is such a waste of my time.”  Honestly, I am learning a lot about looking for jobs. There is a culture out there in the whole looking for jobs world.  And I am fascinated by culture so it has been really very interesting diving in.  I also can see how someone could fall into the trap of having others define if they are “good” or “worthy” depending if they get an interview or not.  It’s quite exposing really.  We have been doing a lot of reading and networking,  but if you have any tips or insights to share, send them our way... it’s a whole new world to us.

Well, this week we are heading into Parent’s Week at the kid’s school.  We’ve got a sports day, a swimming gala, a junior school open house, and few other bits.  And then starting at the end of the week we are on mid-term break for a week.  All so fun.  We hope you all have a great start to your week.  Until later...


Sarah said...

Sydney looks like she would fit right in at our house. Wild and crazy! Love it!
Miss you!

Natalie Beckwith said...

This has nothing to do with your blog, but that's okay. I thrive on the random. Yesterday, whilst waiting outside Wendy's school, I noticed the van in front of me was purchased at a dealership in Bemidji, MN. I thought, "Hm, that's random. We're a long way from Bemidji." Then I prayed for you all.