Saturday, January 15, 2011

Double Feature

(Written January 3) Last year we had a rather quiet Christmas.  This year, I swung the pendulum a bit, having guests over on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, in total serving food for nearly 100 people.  I went a bit nutty.  Nutty in inviting, not nutty whilst having guests over.   That would have been a good story though.  On Christmas Eve, I thought it would be fun to have a casual soup and bread lunch.  Inviting everyone I knew really.  Thought maybe 30ish would be around, thinking loads would be traveling or back at home for Christmas.  But as I started counting everyone that could come, the list totaled about 70ish people.  Love it.  I doubled everything and there wasn’t but three pieces of bread left when all was said and done.
Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Christmas Day

Currently, Jayson is sitting right beside me reading a book on Project Management.  I can hardly think of anything less that I would like to be doing then reading a book on Project Management. I did read Jane Eyre over the Holidays, for the second time.  Oh, how I love to read about Jane and Mr. Rochester.   
Yesterday, we went swimming down at Jungle Retreat with a family that is here serving Freedom Firm for a few weeks.  Their daughters have become such a fun part of our holidays.  My favorite part of the girls being around is the fact that Sophie, their 10-year-old, has taken James under her wing.  She has the calming effect on him.  James is one for the high emotions and he hardly bellows when she’s around.  And if he does, she does this cute little Yorkshire accent on him and he is bewitched and calmed again.  I am definitely keeping tabs on her until they become of the betrothal age.  

Jovie holding a... kitty? a puppy? Nope. A goat.

The Palms and the Youngs trying to track down any way possible to ride an elephant. Easier said than done. 

Of course, an elephant crossing the road.

This is the point where James asked me, "Is that elephant going potty?"

Ready, steady, jump!

James, keep your eye on this girl...

Last night, after a long day of swimming, elephants, and driving, when all of us felt and looked like rubbish, Sydney was sitting in front of the mirror and proclaimed, “Oh my goodness, I look so beautiful.”  Oh, to be Sydney for a day...

Hey, thanks so much to you who thought of us with your Christmas cards and Christmas emails.  We continue to get two a day.  Never three, not four or one... always two a day.  Do you think that’s weird?  I do.  I kind of like it though.  The pitter patter of Christmas cards is a glorious thing. 

Naseema teaching me how to make Dosas and Pooris


Two birds flew into the Dining Room

That's Tarrah diving out of the way when one of the birds flew into the Kitchen

Headlight burnt out? No problem. Just grab a head lamp and a flashlight!

It’s a double feature, 2 for 1, double stuffed pizza, buy-one-get-one-free, twice-baked potato.  The earlier dated blog was written about a week ago.  But same ole’, same ole’ excuse from this girl, there was a lack of internet at the house to send it, and Jayson and I didn’t have the giddy-up to bring it to the office to send.  So, here we are, rolling it together, Hansel and Gretel, Gidget and Moondoggie, Tom and Jerry, Josh and Donna.  Twice but Nice.

So, my mom is here.  Wednesday afternoon, James, Ani, and I jumped in a car and headed to Bangalore to surprise my mom.  I am not sure at what point along the way I came to the conclusion that it was no biggie to drive eight hours and then turn right back around and drive back home.  But, I guess I did. So, sixteen hours later, we were back in Ooty for breakfast, with my mom in tow.  

We stopped at the new McDonalds on the way to Bangalore

Ani giving the McDonalds "M" gang sign

There's nothin' like a donut at 1:00 a.m. on the floor outside the Bangalore Airport

Within two hours, my mom had given Ani and I haircuts.  I have had a consistent bad hair day for months, I think this is why she was alright to cut my hair before she showered, hugged Jovie or unpacked.  As we finally did get to unpacking, we discovered a ham, a few pounds of yum-a-dum-dum cheese, fudge, carmel, Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and Papa, and so much more... my mom is brilliant.

My mom has also been in bed for the last few days.  Poor, poor mom.  Her back went out the evening she got here. So, we just brought the party to her.  Opening up Christmas presents, breakfast, lunch, dinner, movies, playing - all the things that we would be doing anyway - just all held in James and Sydney’s room.  Works for us.  We are just thrilled that she is with us.  Anything else is just icing on the cake.

Bringin' the Christmas to Grandma

Also in the news is that I have officially watched my first Bollywood movie.  I cannot believe that I have been here for two years and I haven’t feasted on a Bollywood production.  A few staff and volunteers were all a bit traumatized that I hadn’t, so they brought over one of their fav’s (“Three Idiots”) and we baked some pizza and had a grand night.  Now, the name is a bit ridiculous, in my book.  The wow factor is not real high with that kind of name.  It doesn’t have the “Pride and Prejudice”, “The Last of the Mohicans” or “It’s a Wonderful Life” kind of draw to it.  Anyway, moving past the title, it was actually fairly engaging.  My eyes did get sore reading subtitles, and of course the dancing was quite a kick, but all in all, I would totally recommend the movie. So, let me know when you watch your next Bollywood movie, I do want here all about it.

In Freedom Firm news, near the end of 2010 nineteen girls were rescued in Nagpur, a new area where Freedom Firm hopes to make major headway in the coming 12 months. 2011 is off to a mixed start, with five minor girls rescued just two weeks ago, then police in a different area this week gave excuses why they “can’t” help. It’s a roller coaster as usual. 


Kara said...

Oh - so fun to see your Christmas from afar. Makes you seem so close. I would trade a little snow for an elephant. Bride and Prejudice - the only Bollywood movie I have had the privilege of viewing is also a "kick" :)
Love you guys!


So glad your mom is there. Hope her back is better. And your haircut is adorable.

Your Christmas hospitality is astounding. I am having 10 peoplein this . Just thinking about 70 makes me tired. :)

I love reading your blog.

mel said...

so much activity over there! i just love reading about your days. hilarious and wonderful that you surprised your mom in bangalore. i mean, 16 hours...quite a haul, but SUCH a good idea. and i'm sure your mom was THRILLED! i have been thinking of you lots lately, t. but i'll email you recent thoughts rather than post them here. love you guys, SO glad you're enjoying time with your mom, and look forward to a chat. maybe sometime this weekend. then we can say happy bday to jayson too! love you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Palms,
I just got back from a business trip and read your blog. Tell Linda that I hope her back gets better fast. A "good back" will make the trip home much better. Glad you had a good Christmas. It seems like along time ago!
Aunt Sue