Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Burning Plastic and Rank Garbage

James and Ani ready for a formal event at Hebron. 

If anyone can guess what this is a picture of, we will be very impressed indeed!

I was just warmly sitting by a roaring fire and my keen sense of smell picked up a burning plastic smell.  Like a bird dog, I put my nose to the ground and was off.  After 10 minutes, I could only place the smell somewhere around the fire, but nothing more specific.  So, in an attempt to guard against anything more hazardous happening, we put water on the fire.  That was 10 minutes ago.  “Jayson, does it still smell in the living room?” Jayson, “Little bit, not as bad.”  Good, we are making progress.  I was having a bit of a salty tooth and went to go scavenge the kitchen for a salt lick (a bit of deer humor, forgive me).  All I could find was stale rice crackers and the smell of intense garbage.  Bummer.  Burning plastic and rank garbage, pretty much paradise island here in the Palm household.

Well, we definitely had a great fill of cuteness this last week at our kid’s Christmas play at school.  For the last six weeks, our kids have been belting out a song, “Babushka, Babushka, open wide your eyes and you will see...Babushka, Babushka, baby Jesus came for you and me!”  At all hours of the day, this song was heard.  Even Jovie got it down.  Ani was an angel, James, an Italian pizza delivery man, and Sydney was a tree.  I don’t mean to play favorites here, but Sydney definitely was the most memorable of the three.  Come on, a four-year-old in a Christmas play is nothing but fantastic.  By the fourth and final performance I am pretty sure I saw her eyes roll up in her head and almost fall asleep on stage out of sheer exhaustion.  Click here for a taste.

The Hebron Christmas Program

Sydney on day 2, still smiling.

Sydney on day 4, definitely done.

I need to give a shout out for my favorite Christmas CD of the year.  Andrew Peterson’s “Behold the Lamb” has heightened our celebration.  If you like your music with a little folk and a lot of great lyrics, check it out. 

The kids start their holiday this Thursday morning.  They will be off until the first week in February.  Being that we live in an international community, these are the answers I got when asking people how they are spending their holiday:  Australia, Thailand, Kathmandu, North India tour, Scotland, the States, England, Ireland and Everest Base Camp.  Whew!

Some cool Freedom Firm news from Jayson. At Freedom Firm we’ve wanted to raise awareness in India about the problem of sex trafficking, but the tyranny of the urgent has pushed this aside regularly. Our amazing Finance Manager, however, lined up a school for us to do a presentation. Last Friday I had the privilege of seeing Vijaya, one of our rescued girls, share her story openly in front of 160 teenage girls at this school. Their response was overwhelming. The girls flocked to Vijaya afterward to talk to her and thank her. Several shared feedback, telling their stories of how they’ve been mistreated and not feeling like they’ve had a voice. At the very least we hope to help schools recognize the struggles of their students, but more than that we hope to find ways that these girls can get the help they truly need.  

It's a bit hard to see, but that's Vijaya on the stage speaking to the girls. Even harder to see is Jayson sitting to the left of the podium. 

Okay folks, it’s good night for now from the Palm house.  Sleep tight.


Rich said...

It looks like dough rising or the foam from a hot tottie. That's my guess. I am sure it is something MUCH more exotic :-)

Tim Majorins said...

I think is a yeast sponge and you need a bigger bowl for it!

Sarah said...

Cute, cute, cute. I LOVE those Palm kids and want at least one of those girls for a daughter in law. And I want James to come play legos :)

Jennifer S said...

My first thought: looks kinda yeasty beasty.

Kirk S said...

I think it looks like some kind sourdough starter (or Amish Friendship bread starter) gone wild.

Kara said...

The beginnings of beer? Or the endings? or does it have to do with melting plastic? Jeremiah guessed root beer. On another note, I'm wondering if that is what Jame's mustache will look like in 10-15 years. Can't figure out the pizza man part of the musical - fill us in on the story! :)

Chris Van Oss said...

I think it's hot chocolate with marshmallows that was heated in the microwave a little too long.

mel said...

argh. i just wrote a comment and somehow its gone. anyways...my guess was yeast going bananas. and i didn't read anyone elses guess before making my own..no cheater here ;)

i also mentioned i'm going to see andrew peterson tomorrow night!! last minute opportunity and i'm thrilled! its called "behold the lamb" so i imagine it will be a night of songs from that album. what fun!!

ps your kiddos (plus) christmas program (equals) wish i could have been there!!!!!!!!! loved the photos and the video. thanks for posting everything for us to see!

Natalie B said...

Looks like a mug with something foamy in it to me. :-) Merry Christmas!

Christine said...

I don't know... that little pizza man (complete with mustache) is pretty priceless...