Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Stupid Fly Buzzing Around Me

Sydney (and Jovie) during a presentation her preschool class gave all the parents. How proper and ladylike she is!

Good Evening. It’s a lovely evening. The boarding school kids are screaming, the flies are buzzing, the rats are squealing, and my tummy is a bit rumbly tonight. Oh, the sweetness of my life. I try to be as positive as I can while I write, nobody really cares to listen to me whine, but just for a brief moment I wanted to at least give you a sound bite of my reality, regardless if it comes off sounding utterly positive or a bit pitiful.

Pictures from Easter day

We kicked off last week celebrating Easter. And what a celebration it was. Everyone who came to our house purred over the Honey Baked Ham. I continue to be astounded how having tastes of home quenches homesickness to a degree.

Pictures from "Sports Day"... Yes, Tarrah and Jayson ran races as well...

James got second place in the tennis ball throw

Look at that form! Ani got first in the long jump.

Sydney's race. She go two chocolate gold medals just for running...what a deal!

James and Ani are on the "gold" team together

We had a great week experiencing parent’s week at Hebron School. I walked around last week with complete gratefulness for where my kids are attending school. Cheering on Ani, James, and Sydney at Sports Day; going to the musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”; meeting parents from N. India, Korea, Mongolia, Sweden, etc.; going to open houses at all the kid’s classrooms; “interviews” (parent/teacher conferences) with the kids teachers; and having a thanksgiving service to end the week. No school is perfect, but I am grateful for the atmosphere that my kids can learn in. Love the fact that my kids interact with students from all over the world and from ages 3 to 19.

Jayson's "ladder". He uses it for many things, like hanging this fly strip.

There is a stupid fly buzzing around me right now. Dive bombing. Being completely irrational. What is his/her deal? Don’t my relentless swings at it give a great non-verbal cue to leave me alone? I know I have blogged about the flies before, but they are at an all time high in our house right now and I cannot express to you the degree to which they drive me crazy. Give me nails on a chalkboard, give me a poopy diaper in public with not a clean diaper in sight, give me spilled milk for the fourth time at the dinner table, give me drivers that cut you off in traffic, you name it... I cannot think of any other thing in my life that drives me more crazy.

Is anyone reading any good books lately? I am in a bit of a slump. Not that I can get a many good books here, but at least I can start making my list for the summer.

(A Freedom Firm update from Jayson) A typical case takes between 24 and 30 months to come to trial and then to closing arguments. But several girls rescued last July 31 testified three months ago and closing arguments are scheduled to happen very soon. Freedom Firm’s reputation in Pune is getting stronger and we’ve recently developed an exciting new relationship with a “lady judge” (yes, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to call a female judge in India). She presided over this case and we’re very hopeful for a conviction in this case. We’re hoping that many cases will come to her in the coming years and that she will truly uphold the rights of these abused girls.

So, when I said that I was coming home next month, it is for real and not an April Fool’s joke. I am, in fact, coming home on May 31 for two months. I’ll be traveling with Sydney and Jovie. Jayson, Ani, and James will be following two weeks later. More to come on visiting home, I am sure to hit all-time peaks of emotions and through it all I will try to amuse you with many honest portrayals of my ridiculous thoughts.

Most of this blog was written a few nights ago, but the power went off before we could send it. And then last night we had an uncommon thunder and lightning storm and lightning hit our house. No fires were started, but when it hit all the outlets in the house snapped green/blue sparks out of them. The kids eyes were as big as saucers when the crack hit the house. I am grateful that nothing major happened. The only electronic item that was scorched was our internet box. Everything else has surge protectors. So, I am finishing it today and Jayson will take the blog on the jump drive to the office... couple days old, but hey, we’re getting there.


dawnette said...

Can't wait to see you in person! Get here quick! ;)

Jennifer Swanson said...

Jayson's ladder has brought much admiration and discussion from the Swanson kids...thanks a lot. :D

Jonathan Griffin said...

I'm a long-time reader, first-time commenter...I love your blog! It's so fun to read all about your family adventures. I'm always bound to get a laugh. And I LOVE that you seem to always make the best out of imperfect circumstances...and you have so much fun! Your family is awesome! Love you all.


It makes me so happy that schooling has worked so well for your kids.

Kara said...

ONE MONTH - absolutely giddy! :)
And so fun to see all these RS comments - Jonathan Griffin! You were on my RS team in '92. (Sorry Palms, just thought that was fun) can't wait to see you! Have you read Crazy Love by Francis Chan? I haven't but have heard lots of people talking about it and am curious...

Juli said...

hmmmm... i hope it works out to see you this summer, although i have my doubts. but here's to hoping. secondly, i think you should talk someone into getting you a kindle. many of my friends overseas swear by them. many many less books to pack, i believe you can download all over the world, relatively low tech.

and third, my favorite thing about you blogging is that i can hear you talking in my head while i read it. so so fun. and i seriously cannot imagine doing this with four kids.

life on a daily basis with 3 kids in america taxes me. so perhaps it doesn't matter where you are, life with little kids is crazy.

and i have gotten all of your wonderful letters, unfortunately i am absolutely the worst at responding. i have glorious visions of me sitting down and writing on beautiful stationary, etc. the dreams don't make it down to the rest of my body to actually take action. but know we love you and think of you often.

my aunt and uncle just returned to bangalore after being here for a couple of months. starting a new business and all. let me know if you ever want to hook up with them.