Friday, March 5, 2010

Grosser Than Gross

Biker Chick.

Be prepared to witness something grosser than gross. I am sorry to have to show you this, but I would really like to hear a collective groan of disgust across the globe. Are you ready?

Sick right?

This fly tape was put up two days ago. It’s in our kitchen. I cannot tell you how utterly grossed out I am. The flies are horrible. I keep a pretty tidy kitchen, try to mind the crumbs... but alas, I am harboring about a ka-gillion flies at the present moment. And I am a bit nervous because their number is only supposed to escalate until the mango season, which is in May - June. What am I going to do people? Please, if you have any ideas, share them. I am presently trying to devise some serious covert missions into the land of flies.

Well, we survived Delhi. And much to my surprise, it was a seamless trip filled with pleasant experiences and zero drama. Can you believe it? I was kind of waiting all weekend for something bad to happen. I was seriously surprised on how much I liked Delhi. Now, mind you, I was there for 48 hours, and saw only a few parts. But what I saw, was quite... how do I put it... dreamy. I can’t really believe that I said it. This is what made it great. First, it was so fun to celebrate Alum and Alan. She looked beautiful, him dashing, and they are in love... Second, Ani and I had space to just be -without the other three lovingly clamoring for our attention. Third, simple things like highways, McDonald’s, watching American Idol and a bagel with cream cheese. Ani said it best when we were heading to the airport... “Highways and McDonald’s, what a treat.”

The recently opened Delhi Airport. My new crush.

The wedding itself was fairly similar to what you would expect at a wedding in the West. The most noticeable difference was the amount of pictures each guest took. I would have to guess each guest took at least 50 pictures, probably more like 500. And there were 300+ guests. There was a serious photo shoot after the ceremony with all the wedding guests - all of these Ani was a part of. And everybody wanted a picture with her. I felt like her personal assistant. Fluffing her hair, bringing her water, fixing her flowers, letting people know when they can take pictures and then when it was time for them to move along. My dad emailed me a story of a wedding in Delhi that same weekend of a couple who brought a male elephant to their wedding (Click here to read the story). Hindus believe that it brings good luck. Anyway, the elephant was in heat and saw/smelled (whatever they do) a female elephant in a nearby field and in the process, which took over 15 hours, crushed 20 cars and damaged nearby shops. Yikes. I would love to have witnessed that.

Ani is in her element as "one of the girls" as Alum gets ready.

One of the ka-gillion pictures at the photo shoot.

This is Chon, Tour Guide Extraordinaire/Alum's Cousin.

I have to take a moment to wish my grandma a happy 80th birthday. I wish I was there to celebrate. My grandma is a strong and dedicated grandmother - and I miss her.

Next Thursday marks the start of the Freedom Firm retreat. Last year this was Jayson’s first project. It seems like yesterday - generic words, but so true. We welcome 51 staff and family to the retreat. Do you remember my friend Sarah that came last October? Well, her folks are coming to lead our sessions. We went to the same church and Jayson and I highly respect them. When we were making the decision to come here, they were one of the first people that we sought wisdom from. So, it’s go time, having them here.


Chris and Sarah said...

The fly tape takes me back to training camp and the food tents. Of course ours looked like that after a week and we were cooking outside. As someone else who values a tidy kitchen I am feeling your pain and frustration Tarrah!

dawnette said...

Praying for you all during your retreat! Denny and Pat are lucky to have time with you!!
Can't believe how grown-up Ani is... wowsers. What a beautiful sight to see her enjoying "girl time" :)
Glad you got to Dehli... and enjoyed it!
love you - d

dawnette said...

PS: only in India? (and maybe Nepal!):
"It is not clear if the trucking company will sue for loss of consortium." (from the elephant article)


Girl time in Delhi ~ you are an awesome adventursome gal, Tarrah. Sorry about the flies. It makes my heart happy to know that you and your team will be ministered to my Denny and Pat. Praying for all of you.

Bonnie said...

E-mailed you an idea about fly control - hope it works.

Beautiful wedding pictures - you look very appropriately dressed! :-)

Ani is beautiful.

Julie Frizzell said...

Ani looks so grown up in that last picture! You are so pretty, Ani...inside & out!
Miss you...Love you...
Aunt Jules

mel said...

LOVED reading how seamless the trip to delhi was. seriously, am with you on the whole "can't really believe it" bit! what fun...sounds like a real treat of a trip! i just love that for you and both look so happy and so beautiful!
hope this past weekend went great! and that you all enjoyed some amount of rest and delight in more visitors from "home". love you, t...

Hannah said...

Flies don't like marigolds, so putting them around the house makes it look pretty AND keep out flies at the same time. :)