Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Bit Bumpy Getting to Monday

During the course of my week, I usually have a filter on if what I am either doing or thinking about would be good to throw in the blog. Last week, when Sarah and Ellie were here, that filter was a bit blocked - out of pure determination and distraction to be fully present and enjoy every moment that they were here. So, we’ll see what happens here tonight... It may just be the best blog ever.

It started with two.

Then three.

And of course quickly grew to four.

But wasn't complete until it reached five.

It has been since June, when my dad was here, that we have had visitors from the States. And oh my, was I excited to see Sarah and Ellie step out of the their car. It was a bit bumpy getting to Monday, the day that they arrived. On Saturday evening, we discovered lice in Sydney’s hair and James had a rash all over this body. I guess some people may see lice and a rash as a pretty sweet way to welcome people that have been traveling for two days to see you... but I would rather offer a glass of iced tea and a shower. And then at midnight on Monday morning, 2 hours before Sarah and Ellie were to arrive in the Bangalore Airport, we got a phone call from the driver that was scheduled to pick them up saying he got into an accident, and he would not be able to pick them up. Sweet. I love finding a taxi, in Bangalore, India, at 12:30 a.m., to bring them 7 hours to our house. I was picturing Sarah and Ellie, roaming around the Bangalore Airport in the middle of the night, without a cell phone, with who-knows-what lurking in the shadows, wondering why I had failed them in the ONE detail that I needed to line up for them. Alas, the world wide web saved our tail and offered two phone numbers to call to find a taxi. And they arrived promptly at our house just before noon. Yeah.

Having Sarah and Ellie visit... the week couldn't have been better.

We had a great week. You can only imagine how much fun my kids, especially Ani, had at being an “expert” on India. They dived right into playing together and Sarah and I dived right in to an endless chatter that did not stop until the moment they left. Of course, there was time for seeing the places we visit on any given weekday, meals at our favorite restaurants, swimming, movies at night, naps, reading and yes, even Wax World (per Ani’s request).

Ani and Ellie jumped in to "life together" as if no time at all had passed

I had been feeling a bit droopy a few weeks prior to their coming. I’m not sure why. Probably a combination of missing my folks, tired of living in a third world country, being homesick for the good ol’ U. S. of A. and accidentally burning off all my eyebrows. Kidding. Just wondering if you had zoned out on me there. Anyway, their being here brought so many wonderful things - here they are in no particular order. First, a big shout out to my folks for cramming many a necessity - with treats to boot - in 1 1/2 suitcases for Sarah to bring. Second, Sarah knows me really well, sometimes better than I know myself. And being in her presence is like coming home. Third, stories and updates of our mutual friends and church, whom I sorely miss. Fourth, she offered encouragement and strength to help me make it nine more months until we are able to visit home. I must say this in closing, if any of you have any family or friends that are far away from home, or even just a short distance, please visit them. You have no idea how much of both a need and a want it does meet.

Alrighty, lets talk about Diwali. It’s the celebration of lights for Hindu’s. It’s a huge celebration for them. And it was last weekend, but it has really carried on all week. And did they celebrate! In years past they celebrated with candles. But now with the invention of fireworks - here called “Crackers” - they use them as there main celebration tool. Ooty is at 7,000 meters. But it is also nestled in a little valley between the hills. Have you have been in a valley while there were fireworks? WooEee! I couldn’t quite figure out if I was in a U.S. Civil War Re-Enactment or caught between two pirate ships blowing cannon balls at each other... And it wasn’t like the fireworks lasted from, hmm, 8:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. I literally woke up to them and fell asleep to them. We were watching a movie one night and we had to turn up the volume.... Awesome. Ohh, another just went off.

Ooty fireworks during Diwali


Dad said...

Hey guys...I must have missed that spot when I was there where you had all the fireworks...It does look familiar though....

Jennifer said...

So thankful for your visit with Sarah & Ellie. Divalii is the festival I asked you about this spring when we were studying India. Erika and I read a book called [Somebody-or-other] and the Festival of Lights. (That was helpful, I know.) Good insight into the tradition anyway... :) Thanks for the updates!

mel said...

what fun! i'm so glad for visitors! and i can't wait to be one...sounds like you all had such a sweet, sweet time together. i'm so glad you have such amazing and supportive friends.
love you guys. and loved the progressive from 2 to 5 photos. of course ;) xoxo

Sarah said...

I love that you and Sarah got to be together. Looks like you had a great time. Love it.