Thursday, September 3, 2009

Veganism or Bust Baby

Our power has been off so much this past week. You now see why.

It occurs to me that it is Labor Day Weekend this weekend. Happy Labor Day - Merry Labor Day - Go Labor Day - Not quite sure on how to accurately send you our Labor Day love. I am continually amazed how much the rhythm of our days/weeks/months/year has been turned upside down since we moved here. I did not realize on how much the rhythm of weather seasons, holidays, birthdays and the nine month school year set the course for proper preparation for various events. Does that make sense? Labor Day weekend reminds me to dash to Target to get school supplies. Tree leaves turning reminds me to call our friends the McCarthy’s to see if I can come hijack some apples off their trees. The first frost and dusting of snowflakes reminds me to get out our winter snow gear and see which kid needs new boots and hats... and so on... But here, especially in our first year, what am I to think? Oh, it’s still raining, time to dash to Target and get apples to play in the snow.

I am mourning the loss of variations of protein in our diet. I will say this first before launching into my clothed-in-black mourning reflections. I am completely grateful for the protein that we do have, there are many people all over the world that live on very little. But I am wondering if there will come a day that I will look at chicken and conveniently claim veganism as my diet of choice. Seriously, I tried beef last week and nearly chucked all over the dinner table. And I am not sure if I can try again, the subtle taste of garbage is just a bit too much. You are what you eat, even for cows. There is mutton and fish in the market, but again... veganism or bust baby. So, chicken it is. We do have our fair share of legumes throughout our week. But thoughts of my dad’s fish fry, venison stroganoff, farm fresh bacon, HoneyBaked Ham or a juicy rump roast nearly brings tears to my eyes. Please send me your favorite chicken recipe, I need to replace my black mourning clothes with white linen and sing the praises of chicken once again.

It was an amazing summer at Freedom Firm, with the total number of girls rescued reaching 34 in 3 months. But the excitement didn’t end there. Geeta Tamang, the brothel keeper who held Sajni and took her 4 year old son away from her (they’re both now in our Ooty aftercare home), was recently sentenced to 7 years in prison. I asked Sajni what she thought of the conviction and she said with a huge smile, “I’m happy. I’m very happy.” In a conversation with one of Freedom Firm’s lawyers, a Pune judge said that before we began work in Pune one year ago, brothel keepers were never convicted when on trial. Bribes always secured their freedom. He said Freedom Firm is changing that, and he is very pleased that change is happening.

Other weekly plans include our Friday night tradition - Friday Night Pizza and Movie Night

This weekend, the kids are participating in Hebron School’s cross country races. James is to run around the Big Pitch (cricket/soccer field) once and Ani is either running one or two miles. I’ll let you know. There is also a new wave of FF volunteers coming into town, so we are going to have them over on Saturday evening for dinner. I am thinking I will serve them, hmm, let’s see, chicken.

More Goa pics

Yes, we know, James has pink pj's.


Adam :) said...

Ralphie...A Christmas Story

James.kutnow said...

Labor Day Weekend...Palm only trip to northern MN...huge family fish fry...Happy Anniversary!!!

-the Kutnows

Jen Turnquist said...

Big hugs on missing yummy protein. What kind of resources do you have for food? I'd hate to send a chicken recipe with ingredients you don't have access to!

mel said...

happy anniversary a day late! what a fun labor day weekend that was!!

oh, and the pjs! hilarious...i was nearly off my chair and shedding tears over that pic! i love my sweet nephew! and i love his parents for putting him in a pink-kid-onsie :) i think that's the official term for those pjs.

Dad said...

I'll have to see about getting new pajamas to India for James...Don't like girls laughing at my grandson...

Jennifer Swanson said...

The kids are sitting with me, telling me what to post. They want to let you know that Friday is Pizza & Movie Night here, too. Tonight I'm getting crazy and making taco pizza. They also want you to tell James that Mark wears pink rainboots.

Anonymous said...

don't suppose you can get dijon mustard or panko bread crumbs. if you can get any variation of that, i'll send you my new favorite chicken recipe. i will give some serious thought to this, tarrah, and send you some recipes, also a few vegetarian fav's like black bean pizza. what would your family do if you weren't already such a good and creative cook? they would all waste away. i'm sad you don't have your fish fry. i bet your dad wants to hop on a plane and bring the fry to you! please post a list of things your friends can send you - little sauce packets etc. it was pretty cheap to mail you that instant starbucks coffee. we ALL want to help. are the eggs good? along with the list of things we could send you - let us know what you can get? cheese? spices? etc.

Tim Majorins said...

Are you kidding me? I can't believe you are in India with the Parks! I read through your blog and I am both very impressed and jealous. Tim and I both have wished we could be there serving as you are. What are you two doing there with FF? It seams you are finding some humor in your living situations which will help you along. Your kids look incredibly cute they all seem to be around the same ages as our four. Are you living near the Parks? Working with Glen or the girls?

Wow! I wish you well. As your "honeymoon" has probably come to an end... may you settle in and find Joy when there is no longer any joy. When life and culture are unbearable may you find strength and perseverance to handle the task for which you are called. May you be forever changed as you are changing the lives of these girls.

-Cori Majorins

Vic & Melinda said...

Hi Tarrah!

Glenda told me about your blog and I'm enjoying reading about you and your family and your adventures. As far as recipes go, if you have access to tomatoes, onions, and some kind of cheese, I have a recipe for a tomato cobbler that makes even my steak-loving husband's mouth water.

Melinda (Grow) Lipsey