Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Rats, the Rain and the Monkeys

Ani got the camera. Four pictures to prove it.

I am sitting in front of our fireplace, wondering if my heart is going be plunged into the abyss again. Well, that was a bit of an overstatement, but for the last 3 hours our power has gone off for several long periods. And just when I go blow out the candles because the power goes back on, it goes off again and then I go and light them all again, and get set with my low light activities. As you can tell, I am quite traumatized tonight – so I am going to keep those candles burning. I continue to marvel at the old meets new here. For instance, our house is so stinkin’ cold right now that the only place for my bread to rise is in front of the fire. So just put that into your mind, bread rising in front of the hearth and then me sitting here on my laptop posting a new blog entry to be read across the globe... funny, huh. Those contradictions are all over the place here. (Woah, a log just rolled out of the fireplace – I actually said woah out loud, all by myself.) Okay, so I went to go think of all the old meets new and the only ones I could think of were things having to do with computers / internet – and that gets redundant. I guess it’s just mostly old here in Ooty and very little new. So much for that train of thought, I pretty much derailed myself. Moving right along.

So, our Explooty this week was going to Wax World. Yes folks, you heard it right, Ooty, India, has a little wax museum. Why they thought of a wax museum over umm, let’s see, a Science Museum or Art Museum or even a Train Museum, I’m not sure. But when in doubt of which kind of Museum to build – go Wax I guess. Most of the figures were famous Indians, which makes sense, and then the very last one was behind a curtain because it was for only adult viewing... and it was of a motorcycle crash, with blood dripping out of this guy’s mouth. Kind of weird. Anyway, it was fun to actually go. I really couldn’t believe that I went, because every time I previously drove by I rolled my eyes a bit. I guess that has to do with the Wax Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that displays the sign. Awesome.

Just in case you are wondering... it’s raining today.

Another monkey story. The monkeys live outside of town. We live in town. Just the way God intended. Well, the dogs were barking a few days ago, it wasn’t the post man, it was a monkey on our roof. Imagine my fright when I looked up and there was a big ol’ monkey looking at me. Between the rats, the rain and the monkeys, you shouldn’t be surprised if I become an agoraphobic.


Adam :) said...

Wax museum, EXCELLENT! Heidi and I visited a small wax museum in Hyderabad. Ok, it was actually more of a Wax "Exhibition" than a Wax "Museum" Nonetheless, there were famous Indians made of wax.

I imagined that they were the Indian counterparts of our US heroes. That one must be "India Christopher Columbus!" And THAT one must be "India George Washington!" And that one MUST be "India Tom Selleck!"

brian of kraft said...

that pic of what i assume is the 5th ninja turtle sure was sweet. what is he like a lost albino cousin or something?

turtles are green!! omg!

Chris and Sarah said...

Wow, Mother Theresa has man hands - who knew! (I am guessing these are not the most accurate of wax people, no Madame Trouseau's of London.
Anyway, we were excited to win the contest. Thanks. Keep up the great updates, I can really hear your voice in them as though I were actually just sitting with you and listening to you tell a story.

H said...

I love Sassafrass Ani in her new pics...makes me laugh out loud! -honja

Christine said...

Had to laugh at the wax museum bit. When I was in 7th grade, my parents took me to England. Amazing cultural experience, right? My favorite memories... torture chambers and the wax museum. I think I pretty much snubbed my nose at the rest. Unbelievable.

Eric S said...

Hey Palms - Long time reader, first time commentor. Love the word agoraphobic!!! I hope to one day have my picture taken with the wax ninja turtle. :-)

Love you guys. Eric

Scott said...

That's an awesome monkey picture. Did you consider that dinner was right on your rooftop? Some friends of mine in Brazil used to eat monkeys in the Amazon. They would get old pairs of shoes, then go into the jungle where they knew that curious troops of little monkeys were watching. Then they would sit down, and put the shoes on. They would then remove them, and put them on again. Repeating this over and over and acting like it was much fun, they would vacate the area, but leave the shoes on the ground, with the laces cinched up enough so that when a monkey-sized foot was inserted , it would be difficult to remove. The monkeys would descend and, as it is in their nature to imitate, put on the shoes. However, they couldn't remove the shoes very easily, and would start panicking. When my friends heard the monkey ruckus, they knew what was happening. They rushed into the scene, where shoe-clad monkeys would be hopping around, unable to climb the trees. They were easy pickings for the hunters, who whopped them on their heads with clubs, then went home with food for their families.

Anonymous said...

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