Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Bruiser of a Boy

Tomorrow is May.  May.  I can’t believe it.  May.  I rarely look at a calender these days.  And I looked at the calender to see when Mothers’ Day is and realized that today is the last day of April.  We do not have Hallmark and Target adds to remind us here of upcoming special days and holidays, so I now need to rely on the trusty calender.  A novel idea, I know.  

So, a bit of an update about our bruiser of a boy.  I took James in again on Saturday to have the Orthopedic look at the x-ray.  And he told me that it was not a contusion but a fracture.  Good to know.  Its called a green limb/tree/branch (can’t really remember the exact terminology) fracture.  Meaning the bone just bent a bit, and a fracture took place.  But it was not an official break.  So he has his arm immobilized in an ace-like bandage for two weeks.  After reading our last blog’s comments, I realized that there is a whole support network out there, that has let their kid go for multiple days with a fracture or break...  its always good to know that I am not alone.  

And then Monday night, Jayson and James were playing soccer and he cracked his head open on our concrete step.  I was going to get Ani from school and got a 911 call from Jayson, something about James... Head... Bleeding... Hospital.  I took that cue to head home.  

I stayed home with the girls, while Jayson did the hospital run.  While they were waiting, Bec and Glen stopped by the hospital to make sure all was going well in the midst of our first potential stitches.  When they were about to stitch up James, the doctors told Jayson that he couldn’t go in with James.  Jayson was a bit shocked at that proposal and literally said to the nurse, “Oh yes I am”.  Bec stepped in and asked if she could instead... (Thanks Bec and Glen for bringing Ani to the hospital on Glen’s motorcycle, a first for Ani; bringing the boys treats; going in with James and then picking up his medicine.)  James agreed and away they went.  He got a “punch” (shot) in his arm and got two “sutures” (stitches) right above his left eyebrow.  When he came home, he looked like a wounded soldier.  Arm in a sling, bandage over his eye, still in his blood-stained shirt.  In spite of all the craziness, it will be a great memory with a scar to prove it.  And plus, girls dig boys with scars.

I am thankful that our first two medical crises are over.  I am honestly glad that they were not “India” related, meaning a huge water-born ick or a crazy cow biting off one of my kids’ arms.  But the reality is that it happened here.  So, it just plain and simple was a bit more stressful than it probably would have felt if we were back in the States.  Things run differently here.  Pros and Cons.  I feel like I have learned a lot in the process.  I am grateful for our friends who gave us insight into what to do, grateful for all the doctors that we have seen and grateful that James has the pain tolerance of my Grandpa Saufferer.  

That’s it for this time around - our week did consist of other Freedom Firm happenings, personal thoughts and family activities, but this one took the cake.  (Speaking of, I did make a really yummy coffee cake today.)  


Sarah said...

james, you need to teach my boys to be more brave. way to go, champ!

Anonymous said...

James is tougher than Asher, who had to be restrained in a "papoose" while being stitched (and sceaming!). Good job, tough guy!

Love the blog. Keep in comin'.


Kara said...

Um, yeah. I'll echo the previous comments. My kids said, "That looks scary." Glad James is a brave one. All boy!

Natalie Beckwith said...

Wow, I didn't even know cows could be that violent! :-) Love your blog. When I see a new post up, I deliberately turn off the monitor, make a cup of tea, return and read. Love you guys!

Sarah said...

ditto to natalie. if it was you or ree (pw), i'd choose to read the palm six. :)

Anonymous said...

Tarrah, You simply take the cake! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love your blog and pray for you and whatever it is about when I read it. Christy got the first stitches in our family!\Love,Glenda